About us

An adaptive approach that evolves during the project cycle to better meet your needs

Optima ingénierieis an Engineering and Project Management company dedicated for excellence, driven by its ethical conduct, and uncompromising integrity, achieving high-quality results and over passing the expectations of its clients.

Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, our full service capabilities are available to you. We can handle any project from concept through construction to operation, and provide support at any step along the way.

Optima ingenierie : the birth

Optima was founded in year 2000 by Hatem JAMOUSSI and COPLAN INGENIERIE, one of the biggest engineering companies in Europe (more than 500 engineers). The aim was to create an outstanding engineering firm with a unique approach.

Optima has succeeded in winning a leading position in the field of engineering in Tunisia, specially on innovating projects with strong technical added value.

After 2005, The Coplan export Policy in the north African area disengaged it from its branches in the region. The growth of Coplan led to a fusion between Ginger/Grontmij.and Coplan ingénierie in 2010.

They live in our buildings