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As a Senior Civil Engineer Hatem JAMOUSSI has an extensive knowledge and experience of managing, directing and monitoring high profile and challenging projects.
He has a long track record of delivering projects in a broad range of sectors, with the Philosophy to structure and prioritize work effectively. And naturally, as an up-to-date Project Manager, Hatem realized after 13 years working in different areas and roles that “Project management” was the missing link in construction industry in Tunisia.

Hatem decided in 1999 to bridge the gap with a friend among the most illustrious Engineers in France, Jean Paul Bousquet Founder of COPLAN ingénierie, and that’s how Optima Ingénierie was born, with its typical overall approach: taking in each project the leadership in key areas such as budget matters, project implementation, project management, construction management, quality control, safety and timeframe targets.

Very keen on details, Hatem maintains excellent working relations with clients, designers, site managers, contractors or any other parties involved in the projects.

As a successful Entrepreneur Hatem possesses a unique ability to maintain an overview of entire projects while continuing to attend to detailed technicalities.
Hatem likes to be defined as “a Craft Master in engineering”…

Core accomplishments : Hatem Achieved projects with a combined cost of 500 Million US $, including some of the most prestigious projects in Tunisia, such as : TunisCity Mall (the biggest mall in Tunisia, 65,000 sqm), Showroom Mercedes, Showroom Citroên, Showroom Renault Dacia Nissan – Headquarters : US Embassy in Tunis, Tunis Stock exchange, Qtel Tunisiana, Air Liquide Tunisia, Tunisie Leasing Group, Tunisie Valeurs, Tuninvest-Africinvest group, ATL leasing group, British Gas – Housing & real Estate : Le Trianon compound (the most prestigious housing project in Tunisia), Millenium le 45 building, Miniar building; Hotels : Le Palace 5*, El Mansour 4*, El Mehdi 4*, Excel 4*, Casino Cleopatra Palace ; Industrial buildings : SOTUMIS grain factory, Zodiac boat factory, Mercedes workshops, Hilton Jerba 5*, Ibn Khaldoun Polyclinic Sfax, The Residence Sahara Douz 5*,…


Founded one of the first engineering firms specialized in project management in France in 1970 under the label COPLAN INGENIERIE. He was the initiator of the « méthode des potentiels » which was widely used in France in the sector for many years. COPLAN was before time, a kind of startup and the success story continued in 2001 when it was introduced in the stock exchange, and several branches of COPLAN were founded by Jean Paul in eastern Europe, Russia, Greece, Italy and several French regions.

After becoming one of the main players in the European market, COPLAN was purchased by Ginger engineering in 2010.

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