Our Vision

Une bonne approche transforme les défis en opportunités

We believe that a right perspective turns challenges into opportunities thanks to tradition, innovation, ethics, good communication and social responsibility. We intend this vision as a process allowing our people to move to greater levels of commitment, being a high performance team.

Our values

Our culture is grounded in integrity with the highest standards of ethical business culture. We always strive for the satisfaction of our customers and to achieve business excellence.
Our development to be structured by our values, which are the only guarantee of the quality of our services and the durability of our company:

– Professionalism & competence: Avoid proposing services for which we do not have competences.
– Loyalty & transparency: not to violate rules of moral probity and integrity for any reasons whatsoever.
– Honesty & Independence: consider only the customer’s interest, advise him independently, go beyond his expectations, preserve his interests, suggest him reliable solutions keeping a balance between quality and price.
– Innovation: keep always up-to-date; improve ourselves and take advantage from technological progress.

Our mission

To be a team that challenges its members to grow, to achieve and to serve beyond the client’s expectations and industry standards.
For us, excellence, excitement, innovation and cooperation are not an exception. They are the rules…

hj-notre mission

A country with more than 3,000 years of history

Proud to be Tunisians

“Tunisia is an emergent country, a melting pot anchored in Africa, in the Arab world, close to Europe where a pacific people lives since thousands of years.
Tunisia is known by its highly innovative attitude in all fields: the first to abolish slavery, the first constitution was adopted in 1851, the first to establish women’s rights and more recently, the first to make its revolution for democracy in the 21st century… 3 centuries after the French one.
And this is reflected by the Tunisian people’s behavior since the Carthaginian Engineers who were the first to build the sewerage networks andmany other innovations… Tunisians gave among the most important contributions to Andalus in the radiance era of Muslim world, with science and literature… We believe that we must behave as the worthy successors of this unique nation.”

“A country rich by its history of thousands of years, Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa, and also a Maghreb country bordered by Algeria to the west, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. “Hello TUNISIA” team will make you discover or re discover Tunisia from different angles. With original photographies and videos, travel through the places and the ages in search of culture, history and beauty. Welcome to Tunisia

Hello Tunisia

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Adapting to the the project constraints to be more successful

Because excellence is not an exception, it’s a rule

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