An interdisciplinary approach, providing diversity, fascination and richness

Since 2000 Optima has achieved the successful execution of the most challenging projects in Tunisia, with the highest quality standards and the most efficient management techniques

Our philosophy is that while project stakeholders work to make a profit, they should give in exchange something of lasting value to their communities, and that is our responsible approach towards all operations.

Our employees, clients, suppliers and local communities, need to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility, and this must be an essential part of their commitment.


Our core competences spread to all these fields:

• Banking & Leasing
• Energy & industrial buildings
• Healthcare
• Information technology & Telecom
• Institutional buildings
• Leisure & tourism
• Malls & Showrooms
• Real estate
• Miscellaneous


Optima has excelled bringing an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, in our projects and with our commitment to every project to the complete satisfaction of its clients.

Our expertise, track-record , experienced workforce, highest dedication, strong and close relationship with our clients facilitated our success

Optima has an extensive experience with local laws and regulations, adapting quickly to the requirements of any new location, thanks to our network of local and international construction partners

During these years, we have established a strong and reliable communications backbone that enables multi-location engineering and facilitates timely exchange of information with job sites and client’s offices

Innovation & tradition

Optima has a commitment for innovation finding new roads to explore enabling to save time, money and improve quality, for the benefit of our partners and clients.

Optima overflows with fast learners, and disruptive innovation is a place where we can stand.

Social responsibility & sustainability

Optima in line with its corporate social responsibility policy, improves the quality of life of the local communities and enrich local economies wherever it executes projects.

On our projects we optimize the use of renewable natural resources (materials, energy), promote the use of public transport and minimize the environmental impact of our activities by favoring the efficient managing of the waste, by reducing the energy consumption as much as possible and by restricting the use of dangerous or polluting products.

“Zero paper”: we made it a rule that rises from our staff awareness on the topic of the environment and sustainable development to reducing and managing the use of paper in the Office.

Sensing the difference

An interdisciplinary approach,providing diversity,fascination and richness

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