Our Means

Sensing the difference

Our company takes full advantage of lessons learned from our experience sharing them with all the staff. Our means involve men, means and methods.

We accurately appoint the right personnel according to the general context and the project complexity


Our Methods

• Our Engineering design methods have become developed and sophisticated more and more, adapting them to each situation. We use reliable software keeping always up-to-date.

In project management, we implement a goal directed approach to meet the objectives

• Our engineers and project managers have access to internal database for the useful resources they could need.

Quality control devices on Worksite

Our company possesses digital surveying equipment such as theodolites, laser levels and other devices to make quality controls in an independent way on site.

For some building sites located in open country areas our personnel dispose of hand GPS equipment for establishing their routes into the working areas.

hj-appareillage de contrôle de qualité-nos moyens

Team work & Collaborative platforms


Our teams use SAS Platforms to support task management, resource allocation, tracking, Gantt charts. Each project has its own portal accessible to the members of staff. This makes information available to not just project team, but also if necessary across organizations.
Each Member of our staff is given autonomy and opportunity to do his job, though at the same time gets support if needed. Because our Employees are bound together by our conviction that ethics and integrity are core to how we operate.
We engage with others from a basis of trust because we believe that everyone is doing his best and wants to do the right thing. Therefore, we collaborate and share to create value for our employees, our shareholders and our communities.

A high performance team, Inspired to make a difference


Evolving everyday.

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